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caution to the wind 2.0 is a roleplaying resource and graphics haven forum. originally open for more than four years, currently the forum has stood strong for three years and counting. with a range of staff, and members, it's been successful. we offer many resources from graphics, codes, help, requests, and advertising. this tumblr will be used by the staff to keep the tumblr world up to date on what we've been doing, some fun activities, and what the forum is going through.

caution flowers blooming

Something’s coming….but I’m not telling you what. :)

- Kay

BAMF Updates!

I know we haven’t had another round since the first! We’ve been having a hard time selecting our next round. But I promise it will be up soon!

- Kay

BAMF Sites & BAMF Members

BAMF SitesA weekly award for any given roleplaying forum.

These are sites that the staff has dug around and found to be a great roleplaying site for many reasons. Activity, long-lasting, nice staff members and members themselves, etc. There isn’t a site that wouldn’t be able to win unless there’s been some sort of Caution rule broken (stealing, child play by’s, etc.) Any hosted site is eligible as well, Invisionfree, Proboards, JCINK, IPB, or any other forum that is a roleplaying forum. There will be a variety, and while you may not always agree with the staff’s choices, or like whichever site is chosen for the week, that’s okay. You are free to drop suggestions in our ask box - but there’s no promise or guarantee they’ll be chosen.

BAMF MembersA weekly award for members on Caution who’ve stood out in one way or another.

You members of Caution are what make the site what it is, and we appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. For this reason, we’ve chosen to start weekly recognition around the site. Anyone can win as long as there hasn’t been any infractions (suspensions, bannings, etc.) While we will definitely notice those who are active first and foremost, that doesn’t mean someone who is just getting into the community won’t be on our radar. Friendliness, helpfulness, and a respect to members and staff are definitely ways to get our attention. However, please don’t try befriending everyone just in hopes of getting this. If your intentions are true, we’ll recognize that. Members old and new, we love you all, and we hope that shining some light on you will be a way to give back to you even a little bit. You may also drop suggestions in our ask box as well, but they must be a registered member on Caution (please provide a link).

Two things!

First, 147 followers.. this is legit amazing, you all ROCK! Secondly, in a matter of hours you’ll finally be finding out what the ‘BAMF Sites’ and ‘BAMF Members’ are for. ;)

Anonymous said: what are you guys going to be posting on the pages that say "bamf members" and "bamf sites"?

You all will find out soon enough. ;)

Tonight: Member clean out! Less than 10 hours!

That’s right! In less than 10 hours we will be deleting everyone that hasn’t posted since December 18th, 2010. This means if you joined after that date, you’re safe - no worries. Check your join date before posting. If you haven’t posted since then, you can post anywhere on the board to save your account, or specifically here.

— Kay

73 followers already? You. All. Rock!

I know there hasn’t been any updates in a few days - but there will be! So don’t turn away just because of the lack of content right now. That will be fixed.

- Kay

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